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Sea Turtles, a world heritage

Sea or marine turtles are perhaps one of the most fascinating creatures of the world. They spend almost their entire lives in the sea. There are seven extant species. Only the adult female comes ashore , only to lay its eggs, generally under the cover of darkness. After labouriously crawling up the beach to an area of dry sand, the female excavates a depression using her front flippers. Then with her rear flippers, she carefully digs an urn-shaped egg chamber into which she deposits an average of 80-150 eggs (depending on the species of turtle). She then covers them with sand using her front flippers, before going back to the sea.

 Outside the breeding season, sea turtles are pelagic and range far from their breeding sites. Both at sea and on land, sea turtles face many threats. Nesting sites are regularly raided for eggs in many parts of the world. Many communities worldwide are avid consumers of turtle eggs which are readily available at markets during the breeding season. Disturbances in the form of large crowds and noise can induce stress in turtles, causing them not to land on nesting beaches.

The hunting of adult turtles for food and shells (for the manufacture of souvenirs such as wall hangings) together with adults and juveniles getting trapped and drowned in fishermens’ trawling nets are some of the current threats these creatures face. All seven extant species of sea turtles are today endangered. Sea turtles have been around for many centuries and sound conservation plans by both government and non-governmental organizations with the cooperation of the public to save them could pay dividends in the long term in the global recovery of crashed turtle populations.

Give a clear-cut definition of the issue at hand in the topic chosen.

Give their perceptions of the situation globally or in your respective countries, or both.

Outlined the roles of the government, non-governmental organisations, global conservation organisations, educational establishments, and the people in efforts to instill a love for sea turtles as a vital part of the marine ecosystem and their contribution to the ecology of the habitats they inhabit in the ocean.

Focus on one or more programs in your country or globally to instill awareness on sea turtle conservation and the efforts to minimize the loss of pristine sea turtle habitat in terms of both the ocean and nesting grounds and human disturbances, including egg collection.

We would also encourage you to draw on your personal experiences where possible and focus on providing your own creative solutions to ensure the inculcation of moral values among the citizens of your country and the efforts to put a stop to the pollution of the seas and oceans and their related habitats, especially those which have healthy populations of sea turtles.

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