Mathematics Week

Mathematics Week was held for 1 week starting from the Monday,26th of September till Friday,30th September.The mathematics week was inaugurated by the honourable principal,Encik Baharudin bin Borhan.Several competitions were held throughout the mathematics week.The competitions are as follows:

-Human Checkers

This competition tests the students  intelligence and sensitivity of their surroundings as human checkers is much harder than normal checkers in terms of visuality

-Treasure Hunt

This competition tests the students ability to work together in a group of 15.It is also a test of the students knowledge about the school and their creativity side

-Jeopardy Quiz

This competition tests the students general knowledge and knowledge about the school’s history as the question have a wide scope such as Movie Quotes,Cartoons and other more.


This competition test the students intelligence.Competitors are given 6 sudoku puzzle with different difficulties ranked easy,moderate and hard.The student that completes most sudoku puzzle with the least error in 30 minutes is the winner of this competition.

-Rubic Cube

This competition test the students speed in solving the rubic’s cube.The competitor that complete the rubic’s cube first is announced the winner

-Math your Movie

This competition tests the students creative side as they need to create an original movie according to the theme ‘ Live Your Life With Maths’.There are no limits to how many students can act in the movie.

We would like to thank parties responsible for organising and making the mathematics week a big success and parties from Management and Science University (MSU) for helping in organising some of the competitions held during the mathematics week.