Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the deadline for submissions?
    The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2018. Work submitted after the deadline will  not be considered.
  1. How do I submit?
    The submission process is very simple. Essays must be submitted on MS Word (Arial, font size 12) via email attachment. Other formats are allowed provided they can be  converted to MS Word. Avoid pdfs.
  1. Who is eligible to participate?
    This essay writing competition is open for school students from all countries in the world. College (except junior college and pre-university) and university students are not eligible to participate.
  1. I am just under 12 or just over 18 – can I still participate?
    This competition is intended only for school students between 16 – 18 years  of age in the senior category and 12-15 years in the junior category. If you are between ages 16 and 18 on 31 May 2018, you are eligible to  participate in the  Senior Category. No exceptions will be granted. If  you are 18 years and  1 day on that date, you are still        eligible, so long  as you don’t reach 19 years. Those who are 15 years and 11 months  will not be considered for  the senior category as you have not  reached 16 years. If you are between the ages of 12-16 on 31 May  2018, you are eligible to participate in the junior category. If you are 11 years and 11 months on that day you will not be eligible to    participate in the junior category as you have not reached 12 years.
  1. Can I write on more than one topic?
    No, you can only submit one essay each, which means you have to choose one of the four topics in your respective category.
  1. In what language shall I submit my work?
    This essay can only be written in English.
  1. Am I allowed to include graphs, tables, or diagrams in my essay?
    Yes, you are welcome (but not obliged) to include the mentioned. The 
          content will not count into the total number of words in your essay. Please make sure you explain what each graph, table, or diagram represents.
  1. Is there a word limit for the essays?
    Yes, different word count rules apply to both Senior and Junior Categories. See Categories for more details.
  1. Should I put my name, age, and school, in my essay?
    No please do not do this. All relevant details are to be written only in
     the entry form which can be downloaded from the website. You may only write the topic number and topic on your essay.
  1. What are the evaluation criteria for the submissions?
    Essays will be evaluated by an international panel of judges. They will 
    be graded for their structure and coherence, originality and creativity and the use of thoughtful and concrete proposals.