Senior Category (16-18 years)


  1. Select one primate species. Describe its biology, ecology, and distribution range.  Discuss its current conservation status and the threats it is facing. As a school student, what conservation measures would you  recommend to ensure its long  term survival?
  1. There should be an international ban on the export of primates from their native  countries to medical laboratories worldwide for research. Do you agree?  Give reasons and relevant examples to support your stand.
  1. There are many areas in this world that are famous for their primates. Choose one such area and describe its habitat types there as well as the primate species found  there.
  1. “Many researchers have spent years in the field, studying primate behaviour and the results of their work have contributed greatly to our current knowledge of  primates”. Choose one such researcher, and with relevant examples, write an essay about him or her and his or her studies.

Your essay must not exceed 1500 words but there should be a minimum of 1200 words.


Junior Category (12-15 years)


  1. Write about your favourite primate and say where it is found, and why you like it.
  1. “Primates should roam free in their natural habitats rather than being displayed in captivity”. Based on this statement, write an essay, giving your views  with relevant examples.
  1. “A world without primates will be a dull world indeed”. Discuss this from your  own point of view.
  1. In many parts of the world , primates cause damage by eating crops planted by  farmers, and sometimes  enter their homes to steal food. How could we learn to live in a world with primates, without coming into conflict with them?

Your essay must not exceed 750 words but there should be a minimum of 600 words.